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For Example: Females, Male, Teenager, Kids
What do colors represent? | Red: passion, anger, love, confidence | Orange: youthfulness, cheer, warmth, hunger | Yellow: sunshine, happiness, energy, optimism | Green: nature, fertility, balance, cleanliness | Blue: water, tranquility, trust, power | Purple: nobility, power, elegance, wisdom | White: peace, balance, purity, simplicity, winter | Gray: neutral, sophistication, balance, wisdom Black: exclusivity, modern, power, sophistication, mystery | Brown: earth, stability, tradition, nature | Pink: love, romance, femininity, baby girls, humanistic | Turquoise: tranquility, clarity, compassion, healing
Masculine, Feminine Traditional, Modern Serious, Fun Safe, Daring Simple, Detailed
just provide us brand name or website address
(e.g. Home, About Us, FAQ, Services, Contact Us, Pricing, etc.) Pro Tip: If you need more than 8 pages, let us start with these and make sure you like the look and feel. We can always add more pages later.
Please describe in detail the functionality required on your website, Pricing may vary as per Specific Functionality.
All website content (headings, copy, text, non-graphical images) will be provided by Client or Hire Rozzario team for website write-ups.
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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
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