Creative E-Commerce Website Requirement Form
For Example: Real Estate, Retail, Automobiles, Beauty, Fashion etc
For Example: International, USA, Middle East, Malaysia, ASEAN, Asia
For Example: Females, Male, Teenager, Kids
What do colors represent? | Red: passion, anger, love, confidence | Orange: youthfulness, cheer, warmth, hunger | Yellow: sunshine, happiness, energy, optimism | Green: nature, fertility, balance, cleanliness | Blue: water, tranquility, trust, power | Purple: nobility, power, elegance, wisdom | White: peace, balance, purity, simplicity, winter | Gray: neutral, sophistication, balance, wisdom Black: exclusivity, modern, power, sophistication, mystery | Brown: earth, stability, tradition, nature | Pink: love, romance, femininity, baby girls, humanistic | Turquoise: tranquility, clarity, compassion, healing
Masculine, Feminine Traditional, Modern Serious, Fun Safe, Daring Simple, Detailed
just provide us brand name or website address
(e.g. Home, About Us, FAQ, Contact Us, etc.)
After complete e-commerce development, we will provide you detailed training for product management, Then you can manage your products by your own (add as many product you want, edit product information, pricing, shipping policy etc). initial few entries will be done by us for system testing purpose.
Please upload Hi Res files of your Logo Design
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Browse list of your products alone with product name, price, description and images.
(For Example: Paypal, 2checkout, verisign,, money booker, ccnow)
All website content (headings, copy, text, non graphical images) will be provided by Client or Hire Branding team for website write-ups.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
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